We will help you with your move...

The Johnny Walker Relocation Program

Johnny Walker Real Estate has created a full service relocation program. Beginning with a referral agent in your city to sell your existing home to closing on your new Arizona Home. Take the first step to the rest of your life in Arizona. 

Had Enough?

Cost of Living or just time for a change, you are not alone. I created this program based on both statistics and need. I relocated here in 1986 from Chicago and never looked back. This program will walk you through the process of leaving it all behind and start living the Arizona Lifestyle. Let’s get started…

We will help you with your move

We have an agreement in place with long haul household effects carriers and we cover a portion or all of this expense.

Top 8 Benefits:

1. Listing Agent referral

We have proven high producing Realtor partners throughout the United States. These agents understand the importance of timing when it comes to relocation clients.

2. Lender for Prequalification in Arizona

Lending guidelines change from state to state. We have a preferred local lender that we work very closely with to ensure your financing is secured to purchase your new home.

3. Home search network:

Not only do we utilize the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) but we also have a vast network of off market properties through over 2400 associate Realtors at My Home Group Real Estate (MHG). We also have our own APP which allows you to see what I see on the MLS in real time.

4. Search App

We also have our own APP which allows you to see what I see on the MLS in real time. When you sign up for the APP your info goes to ME only so no spam emails texts or calls.

5. Home Warranty Partner

Our Home Warranty Partner has proven to be customer centric and meets our quality standards. Their services will cover your home floor to ceiling and cover your pool as well.

6. Title Company

There are no attorneys involved in real estate transactions in AZ so working in conjunction with your Realtor the title company is extremely important in providing you a safe and secure transaction. I have a long standing relationship with a Title company I trust with my clients

7. Concierge Service

Both our home warranty partner and Title companies provide a concierge post close service to assist you with the many services you will need, Including locksmith, floor cleaning, alarm service, utilities transfer, etc.

8. Vendor Referral Network

Once your transition is complete our job is not done. You can count on us to provide you with referrals for just about any need you may have here in a new place. We have an extensive list of vendor referrals from Pool Maintenance to Medical Professionals.


Johnny Walker

US Navy Veteran


JimSzabo headshot

Jim Szabo

Senior Loan Officer NMLS# 1097852

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Rich LeGrand

Alliance Property Inspection


Breanna Kruger

Great American Title


Shelby Mallory

Super Home Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

It all starts with a conversation with me. A discussion regarding time-lines, employment, family particulars, schools etc. I have a questionnaire I send out to cover most everything. Once I get that back we have an agreement to sign and then we can discuss solutions and create a plan specific to your situation

NOW! Regardless of your time-frame, we are happy to meet with you, to help you better understand the process and establish an “action plan” that works for you!

The process of getting you qualified is entirely based on your desired timing. We have helped our clients qualify for a home in a matter of hours.  Once you’re ready and pre-approved for a loan, we will immediately assign you to one of our experienced in-house real estate agents, to help you find your new home.

Before we start looking at homes we need to get you pre-qualified. No need to look at Million dollar houses if you can only afford $450,000. This is done by contacting a local Arizona Lender like Jim Szabo at Fairway. It is important to speak with a local lender because there are programs and contract requirements that are unique to AZ.

YES. you can access the AZ MLS through my website. BUT don’t stop there. There are many tools that you are probably familiar with. Zillow, Realtor.com etc – these are all good tools. Keep in mind that the data on these sites can be skewed. Many times my clients will find something to have me check and the property will already be sold. The MLS is without question the most reliable data source we have.

People are generally really happy here in AZ. Mostly because they all moved here from somewhere else and chose to be here. Another upside to that is – you are sure to meet folks here that are from wherever you came from.

We have 3 – 4 months of HEAT. June, July and August are our bad months. High temperatures are above 100 degree’s and lows are 90+ degree’s  at night. It is rough and can be dangerous BUT we all adapt. We go from Air Conditioned house to Air Conditioned car to Air Conditioned work/mall to Air conditioned car to Air Conditioned house. HAHA Then we have 8 month of wonderfulness. Lows in the 40’s and highs in the 70′. So don’t discard all your jackets just yet.

Short answer – GREAT. Long answer – similar and different than most places. Prior to the housing crash in 2008 the home values in AZ skyrocketed. When the crash hit they plummeted. What went up – came down HARD. Lots of folks ended up in foreclosure or under water on value. That’s the bad news, the good news is that since then we have had nice steady consistent growth in value of 5-7%. Maricopa County (Phoenix Metro Area) is the fastest growing county in the United States. That is the base of our assurance in the Housing Market. More people – more economic growth. 

You can still find an “Old West” feel but a bonus to the economic growth is the cultural growth that comes with it. I have been here 30+ years and I can’t begin to tell you how far we have come as far as Arts and Culture. Amazing. Scottsdale still calls itself “The Wests Most Midwestern Town” but ask anyone under 30 where they like to go out to – Old Town in Scottsdale is THE spot. We have all major sports covered as well. Suns, Coyote’s Cardinals and Diamondbacks.

I would say that the majority of folks I talk to are anxious about starting all over in a new place. Totally understandable. It is a big decision. My job and the partners I have chosen are well aware of the concerns you may have and we are available any time to answer any questions you may have. Think about this – there is a reason the Phoenix Metro Area is the fasted growing area in the US.

YES I am a Veteran myself. US Navy 1980-1984. I founded and created a Vet specific program called Brothers In A.R.M.S. I created discounted programs for virtually every aspect of the Real Estate transaction to start. Out side of Real Estate we provide assistance to all Veterans regardless of when they served. I sit on the Board of Directors for several Veteran Organizations here in Arizona. Call me to discuss and Thank You For Your Service.

Our happy customers

Trusted By

Bob Zunker

If you are fed up with depreciating real estate values and considering a move to Arizona or as a second home, Johnny will be an excellent partner to maximize your investment. 
He is highly professional, honest and and will work tirelessly to help you find the right real estate fit.  A great Realtor is someone who will commit to a process and see it through.  Johnny Walker is that person.

Regan & Bob Z

Aside from knowing Johnny as a lifelong friend, my husband and I asked for his help a few years ago when a cross-country move seemed imminent. Johnny quickly became our realtor. So, knowing Johnny as a friend & a professional, this is how I describe him:

Johnny is not for the faint of heart. He says that himself. He’s smart. He’s intuitive. He’ll work his ass off for you. But, he’ll ask tough questions. Why? Because tough questions get honest answers.

If looking for a new home, or even a new job, Johnny asks questions. He doesn’t dig, but he makes you think deep & consider what your next best step might be. He doesn’t solicit advice. Once you know exactly what you want & you’re ready to go, Johnny doesn’t stall. He’s one heck of a skillful negotiator, but he’s balanced by his honesty.

Johnny puts in long hours because he’s passionate for his profession. He’s either learning, or teaching.

He is one of the most honest and upstanding people I know.

Johnny might be your realtor tomorrow, but I wouldn’t doubt if he became your friend for life.

Bob & Pam

We have had the pleasure of working with Johnny Walker as he works to find us the perfect home in Arizona. His patience and professionalism have been outstanding as we attempt to sell our home in Chicago and relocate. Johnny is not just trying to sell us a home, he’s dedicated to finding us the perfect home. His approach to real estate and dedication to his clients are unmatched. Thank you, Johnny!

Steve C.

I would recommend Johnny Walker to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He has helped me buy my last two homes and I wouldn’t trust anyone else. He cares about his clients like they are family and it’s a great feeling knowing he has your back in such an important decision.
Thank you Johnny!!

Paul D.

Johnny Walker is not only an outstanding real estate man, but as a former veteran and community leader he is an outstanding individual who can be trusted. I have been fortunate to have know Johnny since my family relocated to Scottsdale 7 years ago. He has mentored my children, provided outstanding, invaluable referrals and has been a “go-to” source for any question or required assistance whenever myself or my family has a need. He is a great family man and someone that cone be trusted with you real estate needs. I highly recommend him as he has the proven talent, energy and track record. I am fortunate to call him my friend.

Jamie P.

I have had Johnny Walker represent our family on 3 separate Real Estate transactions. Johnny’s professionalism, attention to every detail and incredible communication skills are invaluable. He even found a way to make each one fun. I would HIGHLY recommend Johnny and his team.

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– Johnny Walker

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